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25 April 2024

Nucleome Therapeutics establishes Scientific Advisory Board of world-leading experts and appoints Dr John Davis as Non-Executive Director of the Board

13 November 2023

Nucleome Therapeutics appoints Dr Stephen Harrison as Chief Scientific Officer

01 November 2023

Enara Bio, ROME Therapeutics and Nucleome Therapeutics to Host 2nd Annual Dark Genome Symposium

BioCentury | September 2023

Nucleome: linking ‘dark’ genome variants to drug targets via 3D DNA structures

06 September 2023

Nucleome Therapeutics appoints Dr Russell Greig as Non-Executive Chair of the Board

03 April 2023

Nucleome Therapeutics appoints Jonny Wray, Ph.D. as Senior Vice President of Data Science and Informatics

Script | Pharma Intelligence | October 2022

New ‘Dark Genome’ Biotech Gets Backing From Big Pharma Venture Funds

BioWorld | October 2022

Nucleome secures £37.5M to help illuminate non-coding gene functions

Endpoint News | October 2022

Drug discovery biotech looking into the ‘dark’ regions of the human genome picks up a $40M+ Series A

October 2022

Nucleome Therapeutics raises oversubscribed £37.5 million Series A financing to decode the dark matter of the human genome and deliver first-in-class precision medicines

April 2022

Nucleome Therapeutics appoints Phil Boyd as Chief Financial Officer

February 2022

Nucleome Therapeutics appoints Nigel Clark as Chief Business Officer

February 2022

Nucleome Therapeutics Announces Formation of Advisory Board

November 2021

Gene linked to doubling the risk of death due to COVID-19 identified using technology exclusively licensed to Nucleome Therapeutics

October 2021

Nature Biotechnology puts a spotlight on Nucleome's innovative platform technology that mines the non-coding part of the genome, or ‘dark matter’, and discusses why this dark genome has huge potential for drug discovery

July 2021

Dr Danuta Jeziorska, CEO and co-founder of Nucleome Therapeutics explains how the Company is Shining a light on the dark genome in MedNous, Research Strategy article

June 10 2021

Nucleome Therapeutics announces publication of a novel method enabling 3D genome mapping at single base pair resolution in the journal Nature

May 2021

Nucleome Therapeutics announces appointment of Dr Jonathan Hepple as a Non-Executive Director to its Board


Identification of LZTFL1 as a candidate effector gene at a COVID-19 risk locus

Downes DJ, Cross AR, Hua P, Roberts N, Schwessinger R, Cutler AJ, Munis AM, Brown J, Mielczarek O, de Andrea CE, Melero I; COvid-19 Multi-omics Blood ATlas (COMBAT) Consortium, Gill DR, Hyde SC, Knight JC, Todd JA, Sansom SN, Issa F, Davies JOJ, Hughes JR. Identification of LZTFL1 as a candidate effector gene at a COVID-19 risk locus. Nat Genet. 2021 Nov;53(11):1606-1615. doi: 10.1038/s41588-021-00955-3. Epub 2021 Nov 4. PMID: 34737427; PMCID: PMC7611960

NATURE | 2021 Jul

Defining genome architecture at base-pair resolution

Hua P, Badat M, Hanssen LLP, Hentges LD, Crump N, Downes DJ, Jeziorska DM, Oudelaar AM, Schwessinger R, Taylor S, Milne TA, Hughes JR, Higgs DR, Davies JOJ. PMID: 34108683


High-resolution targeted 3C interrogation of cis-regulatory element organization at genome-wide scale

Downes DJ, Beagrie RA, Gosden ME, Telenius J, Carpenter SJ, Nussbaum L, De Ornellas S, Sergeant M, Eijsbouts CQ, Schwessinger R, Kerry J, Roberts N, Shivalingam A, El-Sagheer A, Oudelaar AM, Brown T, Buckle VJ, Davies JOJ, Hughes JR. PMID: 33483495


Single-allele chromatin interactions identify regulatory hubs in dynamic compartmentalized domains

Oudelaar AM, Davies JOJ, Hanssen LLP, Telenius JM, Schwessinger R, Liu Y, Brown JM, Downes DJ, Chiariello AM, Bianco S, Nicodemi M, Buckle VJ, Dekker J, Higgs DR, Hughes JR. PMID: 30374068


A revised model for promoter competition based on multi-way chromatin interactions at the α-globin locus

Oudelaar AM, Harrold CL, Hanssen LLP, Telenius JM, Higgs DR, Hughes JR. PMID: 31776347


Robust detection of chromosomal interactions from small numbers of cells using low-input Capture-C

Oudelaar AM, Davies JOJ, Downes DJ, Higgs DR, Hughes JR. PMID: 29186505

BIO-PROTOCOL | 2017 Dec 5

Low-input Capture-C: A Chromosome Conformation Capture Assay to Analyze Chromatin Architecture in Small Numbers of Cells

Oudelaar AM, Downes DJ, Davies JOJ, Hughes JR. PMID: 29270442

NATURE METHODS | 2017 Jan 31

How best to identify chromosomal interactions: a comparison of approaches

Davies JO, Oudelaar AM, Higgs DR, Hughes JR. PMID: 28139673

NATURE METHODS  | 2015 Nov 23

Multiplexed analysis of chromosome conformation at vastly improved sensitivity

Davies JO, Telenius JM, McGowan SJ, Roberts NA, Taylor S, Higgs DR, Hughes JR. PMID: 26595209